Presentation guidelines

The following equipment will be available in all presentation rooms:

  • Computer Controlled projector and screen
  • Laptop (PC)
  • Microphone

We ask everyone to use the presentation facilities provided instead of their own computers, as this inevitably leads to disruptions in the program, and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Please upload your files to the system at the latest during one of the breaks preceding your presentation. The presentations should be checked there for compatibility issues. The computers we provide use Microsoft Windows.

Presentations should be in .ppt or .pptx format. Although our computers are equipped with the major media players, videos in presentations are known to cause problems in certain circumstances. If you wish to use multimedia content, we recommend testing it on the computer available in the room where you will be presenting.

Please, make sure you have a pdf version of your presentation and separate video files available, in case of a technical glitch. Please note that we may not be able to give technical assistance on non-Windows devices.

You should save your presentation on a USB flash drive and email a copy of your presentation to yourself or to our official conference address (, so that if the USB is not accessible or working you can retrieve it from an internet connected computer.

The EDUROAM wifi network should be available in all meeting rooms.